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Journal of Marketing Claims, 4(1)

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J Marketing Claims 

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Measuring the Relative Efficacy of Screaming Over Browbeating in Sales Force Motivation
D. I. Vince Carter

Getting the Customer to Do What We Want: Lessons from North Korea
Great Writer, Dear Writer

When Service Recovery Is Impossible: A Structural Equation Model for Funeral Home Service Failure
Dedmon Plaid, Cass Kit

A Monte Carlo Comparison of Oak and Pine Methods of Panel Calibration
Wood Nt, U. Wonder

Central and Peripheral Routes through Manhattan
F N R W 4 5 6

An Abacus-Based Method for Calculating Customer Lifetime Value
I. M. Smart

Note on Word of Mouse and the Diffusion of Disney Products
Minnie Mothra, Mick E. Roden, T. Orlando

Empirical Evidence for a Total Validity Collapse of the Consumer Disloyalty Scale
S. M. Al Sample

Making the Sales Pitch: New Evidence for the Efficacy of Small Arms Weapons
Rob Kustmers, I. M. Serios

On Providing Absolutely No Service Whatsoever
Rip Torn, Rip Tide, Rip Awf

Quantitative Advertising Response Models Using Toes as well as Fingers
Dita del Piede

Fostering a Relaxed and Silly Attitude in Online Virtual Communities: The Case of ELMAR on April Fool’s Day