Job: University of Southern North Dakota


Full time tenure-track position in children's marketing at any rank

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The William and Melinda Gates School of Business at the University of Southern North Dakota at Porcupine Lake solicits invitations for a full time tenure track appointment in Children’s Marketing.

The successful candidate will have a completed Ph. D. in Marketing or a related field, such as Psychology, Economics or Piping.

This position is at the Lecturer/Assistant/Associate/Full/Visiting level.

Salary will be inversely related to experience but will in any case exceed by at least five percent the salary of the average Full Professor at a US institution of higher learning.

The University of Southern North Dakota at Porcupine Lake offers excellent social, research, teaching and recreational opportunities. The university is a highly regarded institution of learning with numerous recognized faculty. The typical student is curious but not too curious. Basically this means that they want to learn but they will not drive you crazy with a lot of stupid questions.

The physical campus is situated on a lake in the midst of an unpopulated pristine prairy. In geographic terms, there is nothing but a fence post between us and the North Pole.

The university is also endowed with a first rate janitorial staff.

Applications should include an up to date curriculum vitae, a folder or record of teaching effectiveness, and a modest bribe for the chairman of the Search Committee. Please mail these items to:

Primo Poisson
414 Long Hall
Porcupine Lake, ND 99991