BEERSIG Now an Official AMA SIG


The formerly "underground" SIG achieves legitimacy with new duties pertaining to AMA conference receptions

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The AMA Academic Council is pleased to announce that BEERSIG has been granted status as a regular, sanctioned AMA Special Interest Group. After a very short but heated discussion, the Council decided that because BEERSIG continues to be one of the more highly attended AMA Conference events that recognition and inclusion as an AMA sponsored entity was not only appropriate and deserved but necessary in order to maintain AMA’s perception as a "welcoming" organization. As a result of the Council’s action, the opening reception at all future Summer and Winter AMA Conferences will hereafter be known as official BEERSIG events. Since BEERSIG is now under the AMA umbrella, AMA, rather than the BEERSIG founding fathers, will provide beer. Consequently drink tickets will become a thing of the past. Rather, all AMA members will now be given a Clemson Tiger Paw when they register which, as before, entitles them to attend and participate in BEERSIG. Any beer remaining from the opening reception will be available to AMA members on an ongoing basis in the Academic Council President’s hotel suite bathtub. Finally, and as is the case with all AMA SIGs, AMA members will now have the opportunity to divert certain of their regular AMA dues to the maintenance and perpetuation of BEERSIG as well as contributing to the BEERSIG founding fathers’ retirement funds.