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Electronic Customer Relationship Management, Special issue of Electronic Markets, Edited by Nicholas C. Romano, Jr., Jerry L. Fjermestad and Lutz M. Kolbe; Abstract deadline 11 Aug 2008

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Call for Papers
for the focus theme section on

"Electronic Customer Relationship Management"
of Electronic Markets – The International Journal

Guest Editors of the focus theme section:

Nicholas C. Romano, Jr. (Oklahoma State University, USA),
Jerry L. Fjermestad (New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA),
Lutz M. Kolbe (University of Goettingen, Germany).

The CfP is available Online at


Commerce in electronic markets (eCommerce) remains a significant, pervasive phenomenon for enterprises, customers, governments and consumer advocacy watchdogs. Three important relationships in electronic markets include: between enterprises and customers (B2C); among enterprises (B2B); and among customers (C2C). Additional relationships between governments (G2G), enterprises (G2B) and customers (G2C) become more important as electronic markets and eGovernment mature and legislation, regulation and oversight increase. Fundamentally eCRM (from the customer perspective) concerns attracting and keeping "Economically Valuable" customers and repelling and eliminating "Economically Invaluable" ones. Electronic markets are evolving from "first order" transactional value exchanges through "second-order" informational value exchanges into "third-order" relational value exchanges. These relational value exchanges are central to success and competitive advantage for firms and customers that engage in eCommerce. This focus theme addresses those value exchanges that address customers and enterprises. We particularly invite papers that address relational value exchanges, practitioner case studies and demonstrations (with strong theoretical foundations) and collaborative eCRM in electronic markets.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Topic 1. eCRM in Electronic Markets
    • How will eCRM continue to emerge in electronic markets?
    • Will the balance of power between suppliers and buyers shift?
    • Who will benefit most from changes to electronic market structures?
  2. Topic 2. eCRM Relational Value Exchanges in Electronic Markets
    • Theoretical Foundations
    • Empirical Studies
    • Affective and Cognitive aspects of value exchanges
  3. Topic 3: Collaborative eCRM in Electronic Markets
    • How can Collaborative and Social Technologies of Web 2.0 play a role?
    • Customer partnership in Product Design and Innovation.
    • What types of cooperative norms will develop within eCRM virtual communities?
  4. Topic 4. eCRM and Personalization in Electronic Markets
    • Levels of personalization in eCRM
    • Relationship of personalization to Privacy and Security
    • Mass customization versus Individual personalization
  5. Topic 5. Case Studies and Demonstrations of ‘Real World’ eCRM Applications
    • NOTE: It is critical that these have a strong theoretical foundation.
    • Practitioner case studies are especially welcome.
  6. Topic 6. Economic aspects of eCRM within Electronic Markets
    • What is the ROI of eCRM? How can it be measured?
    • What are the typical expense and profit factors for an eCRM business case? How can particularly qualitative metrics be applied to convince management?
    • Customer Value-added Measurement Instrument development and validation
    • Instruments and Frameworks for Measurement of eCRM Economic Performance

Additional topic suggestions are welcome. All papers will be peer reviewed and should conform to Electronic Markets publication standards (see http://www.electronicmarkets.org/authors). Methodological and theoretical pluralism (empirical or theoretical work, qualitative research, design science, prototypes …) is welcomed by the journal.

Abstracts should be sent to Electronic Markets prior to the submission deadline, preferably by 11. August 2008. Full papers are invited to be submitted by 08. September 2008. All papers must be original, not published or under review elsewhere. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the focus theme section, please contact the Editor for the focus theme section.

Contact address: nicholas.romano@okstate.edu or editors@electronicmarkets.org

Final papers must be submitted via our electronic submission system. Instructions will be available by May 2008 at http://www.electronicmarkets.org/authors.

Important deadlines:

Submission deadline: 08. September 2008
Acceptance decision: 19. December 2008
Issue: Vol. 19, No. 2, May 2009

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