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Scholarships for pre-proposal students to the Ethical Dimensions in Business conference, Offered by the Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide at the Mendoza College of Business, 6-7 Nov 2008; Deadline 1 Aug

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Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide

Ethical Dimensions in Business: Reflections from the Business Academic Community Conference Scholarships

The Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide at the Mendoza College of Business is offering four conference scholarships for doctoral students at the pre-proposal stage who are interested in pursuing research that addresses ethical issues in business. These scholarships will cover up to $500 in travel expenses to attend the 6th annual Ethical Dimensions in Business: Reflections from the Business Academic Community conference to be held on November 6th – 7th, 2008. Winners of the scholarships will attend the conference and simply be asked to learn and be inspired by the ideas that are advanced as they purse their research career. Ph.D. candidates of all business disciplines (accounting, finance, management, and marketing) as well as other disciplines that speak to business issues, such as social psychology and sociology, are eligible to apply.

The goal of this conference is to encourage provocative dialog about ethical issues in business within the academic community. Top scholars in the business disciplines-including accounting, finance, management, and marketing-will discuss their research and the ethical issues that should be considered within their domain. Conference participants will be leading researchers in their field who are engaged in high quality research that provokes ethical considerations. These researchers may not identify themselves as "ethicists"; rather, they will be asked to highlight the ethical dimensions that arise in their field of study so as to encourage stimulating discussion on these issues. Topics from past conferences have addressed the trustworthiness of financial institutions, CEO Compensation, the application of social psychology to ethics, ethical discovery by auditors, children-directed advertising, positive organizational scholarship, the ethical implications of behavioral forecasting errors, corporate governance and the audit committee, the ethics of commercial practice, music piracy, corporate social responsibility, technology innovation, hyper-choice in today’s consumer society, late trading and market timing, ethical issues in the mutual fund industry, retirement plans, value and mission statements, ethical implications of consumer theory, vote-trading systems, integrity in the sales force, and the issuance of IPOs.

In addition to presentations by conference participants, conference scholarship winners are invited to attend the 5th annual Excellence in Ethics: Dissertation Proposal Competition in which finalists will present their dissertations and a winning proposal will be selected. These presentations are held during the conference.

Application Guidelines

  • All Ph.D. students at the pre-proposal stage (i.e., first or second year doctoral students who have not defended their dissertation proposal by August 1, 2008) are eligible to apply.
  • Applications must be submitted by August 1, 2008.
  • Applications should be accompanied by an application form, available at along with a statement of interest concerning ethical issues in business and the conference.
  • Proposals should be sent to: Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide, Attn: Conference Scholarships, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana 46556-0399 or to