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Journal of Management Studies, 45(2)

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Journal of Management Studies 

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Meanings on Multiple Levels: The Influence of Field-Level and Organizational-Level Meaning Systems on Diffusion
E. Geoffrey Love, Peter Cebon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Critical is Employee Orientation for Customer Relationship Management? Insights from a Case Study
Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki, Nikolaos Tzokas, Pavlos Dimitratos, Michael Saren [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Role Expectations and Middle Manager Strategic Agency
Saku Mantere [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supplier-Focused Knowledge Management in the Automobile Industry and Its Implications for Product Performance
C. Lakshman, Ronaldo C. Parente [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Normalized Intensity: The New Labour Process of Middle Management
Leo McCann, Jonathan Morris, John Hassard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Citibankers’ at Citigroup: A Study of the Loss of Institutional Trust after a Merger
Steve Maguire, Nelson Phillips [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Defining and Measuring Servant Leadership Behaviour in Organizations
Sen Sendjaya, James C. Sarros, Joseph C. Santora [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating the Success of Decision Making Processes
Paul C. Nutt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]