Christopher Lovelock


July 12, 1940 - February 24, 2008; ELMAR subscribers are asked to send photos or stories of Christopher

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Christopher Lovelock passed away on February 24, 2008. Christopher was a founding father of the services marketing field and he was recognized around the world as a leading authority on service management.

Christopher was very important to many people in our academic community and he will be greatly missed! Tributes are being planned this year at forthcoming services conferences in Christopher’s honor: the AMA SERVSIG Services Research Conference in Liverpool, UK and the AMA Frontiers in Service Conference in Maryland, USA.

For those of you who knew Christopher, please send any photos of Christopher or stories about Christopher to Jochen Wirtz <jochen@NUS.EDU.SG> and Ray Fisk <>. Jochen and Ray will use this material to create fitting tributes to Christopher at the conferences. These materials will be shared with Christopher’s family, too.

Here is a link to Christopher’s Obituary in the Cape Cod Times:

For anyone wishing to make a contribution in memory of Christopher, there are two recommended groups –

Massachusetts Audubon Society
Welfleet Bay Sanctuary
291 State Highway
Welfleet MA 02667


Nauset Regional School District
78 Eldridge Parkway
Orleans MA 02653

Christopher’s son, Tim, will update Christopher’s website at with more information in due course.