50 Years of IB Research


50 Years of IB Research: What Have We Achieved, and What Have We Not Yet Achieved? Special issue of Journal Of International Management, Edited by Yair Aharoni and David Brock; Deadline 31 Jul 2008

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50 Years of IB Research:
What Have We Achieved, and What Have We Not Yet Achieved?

Special Issue Editors:

Yair Aharoni (Tel-Aviv University)
David Brock (Ben-Gurion University)

The jubilee anniversary of the Academy of International Business (AIB) is a time for reflection on two directions. The first is to look back at what has been achieved thus far in terms of the development of International Business as an academic research field. The second direction is forward-looking, speculating on future trends and developments one should expect both in the international environment within which business will operate; and the concepts, methodologies and theories called for to explain these trends and to be useful to managers.

On the first aspect we will consider papers summarizing what has been achieved, and surveying the achievements of the academic field of International Business over its first generation. What advances have been made, what theories have been developed, what useful constructs have been developed, and what significant empirical findings have been discovered? We also welcome contributions analyzing what theories have not stood the test of time, the reasons for this, and what concepts have not proved useful – including why.

We also encourage papers speculating on future trends and developments in all aspects the international arena. What still needs to be done to build an adequate theory of international business or specific components of such a theory? What has not yet been achieved, and we still do not understand?

Papers may take varying methodologies and approaches: conceptual, theory building, and empirical. We are keen to see speculations and thinking pieces. Submissions may draw on history, geography, political theory, economics/trade, emphasize a specific set of developments or a specific region. Papers may attempt to deal with any theoretical field within international business, be it the multinational enterprise, comparative business-government relations, reasons for direct foreign investment, internationalization theory, strategic alliances and so on.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts is July 31, 2008. Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with Journal of International Management’s Style Guide for Authors: http://sbm.temple.edu/jim/authors.html. Manuscripts should be electronically submitted to Kimberly A. Cahill, JIM Managing Editor, at kcahill@temple.edu.

Please direct any questions regarding the Special Issue to either of the guest editors, Yair Aharoni at yairah@post.tau.ac.il or David Brock at dmb@bgu.ac.il.