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Research Policy 

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Harnessing the hackers: The emergence and exploitation of Outlaw Innovation
Stephen Flowers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technology acquisition channels and industry performance: An industry-level analysis of Chinese large- and medium-size manufacturing enterprises
Guo Bin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Speciation through entrepreneurial spin-off: The Acorn-ARM story
Elizabeth Garnsey, Gianni Lorenzoni and Simone Ferriani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Under what conditions do firms benefit from the research efforts of other organizations?
Mario I. Kafouros and Peter J. Buckley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of firm participation in R&D programmes on R&D partnerships
Isabel Busom and Andrea Fernández-Ribas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

R&D support programs in developing countries: The Turkish experience
Emre Özçelik and Erol Taymaz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Academic capabilities in developing countries—A conceptual framework with empirical illustrations from Thailand
Ingo Liefner and Daniel Schiller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

R&D internationalization, R&D collaboration and public knowledge institutions in small economies: Evidence from Finland and the Netherlands
Cees van Beers, Elina Berghäll and Tom Poot [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovation spaces: Workspace planning and innovation in U.S. university research centers
Umut Toker and Denis O. Gray [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Galileo’s stream: A framework for understanding knowledge production
J.Y. Tsao, K.W. Boyack, M.E. Coltrin, J.G. Turnley and W.B. Gauster [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowing in action: Beyond communities of practice
Ash Amin and Joanne Roberts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]