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MIS Quarterly, 32(1)

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MIS Quarterly 

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Toward Improving the Relevance of Information Systems Research to Practice: The Role of Applicability Checks
Michael Rosemann and Iris Vessey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contribution Behaviors in Distributed Environments
Fernando Olivera, Paul S. Goodman, and Sharon Swee-Lin Tan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Extending the Understanding of End User Information Systems Satisfaction Formation: An Equitable Needs Fulfillment Model Approach
N. Au, E. W. T. Ngai, and T. C. E Cheng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information Technology Governance in Information Technology Investment Decision Processes: The Impact of Investment Characteristics, External Environment, and Internal Context
Yajiong Xue, Huigang Liang, and William R. Boulton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding Digital Inequality: Comparing Continued Use Behavioral Models of the Socio-Economically Advantaged and Disadvantaged J. J.
Po-An Hsieh, Arun Rai, and Mark Keil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Giddens’s Structuration Theory and Information Systems Research
Matthew R. Jones and Helena Karsten [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using an Attribute-Based Decision Support System for User-Customized Products Online: An Experimental Investigation
Arnold Kamis, Marios Koufaris, and Tziporah Stern [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Relative Advantage of Electronic Channels: A Multidimensional View
Vivek Choudhury and Elena Karahanna [Publisher] [Google Scholar]