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Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing, 16(1)

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Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing 

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Special Issue: Mobile Marketing

Jonathan Reynolds Editor [Publisher]

What is in the data? Leveraging Mobile Ad Network Data
Michael Becker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Handset-based measurement of smartphone service evolution in Finland
Hannu T Verkasalo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attitudes towards mobile marketing tools: A study of Turkish consumers
Suleyman Barutcu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cultural influences on adoption of SMS advertising: A study of American and Taiwanese consumers
Alexander Muk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

M-politics: Credibility and effectiveness of mobile political communications
Maria Irene Prete [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stimulating customer response to promotions: The case of mobile phone coupons
Fumiyo N Kondo, Yasuhiro Uwadaira and Mariko Nakahara [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Micro mobility marketing: Two cases on location-based supermarket shopping trolleys
Jens Henrik Hosbond and Mikael B Skov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Adopter segments, adoption determinants and mobile marketing
Lieven De Marez, Patrick Vyncke, Katrien Berte, Dimitri Schuurman and Katrien De Moor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]