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Journal of International Business Studies, 39(2)

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Journal of International Business Studies 

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Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
Lorraine Eden [Publisher]

From the Editors: what makes a study sufficiently international?
Rosalie L Tung and Arjen van Witteloostuijn Area Editors [Publisher]

Reassessing (home-)regionalisation
Thomas Osegowitsch and Andre Sammartino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regional diversification and firm performance
Gongming Qian, Lee Li, Ji Li and Zhengming Qian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The regional nature of Japanese multinational business
Simon Collinson and Alan M Rugman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internalization and experience: Japanese banks’ international expansion, 1980-1998
Lihong Qian and Andrew Delios [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic investments by US firms in transition economies
Donna L Paul and Rossitza B Wooster [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

International entrepreneurship and geographic location: an empirical examination of new venture internationalization
Stephanie A Fernhaber, Brett Anitra Gilbert and Patricia P McDougall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The paradox of technological capabilities: a study of knowledge sourcing from host countries of overseas R&D operations
Jaeyong Song and Jongtae Shin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of past performance in export ventures: a short-term reactive approach
Luis Filipe Lages, Sandy D Jap and David A Griffith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


The theory and practice of regional strategy: a response to Osegowitsch and Sammartino
Alan M Rugman and Alain Verbeke [Publisher]