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Journal of Database Marketing and Customer Strategy Management, 15(1)

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J Database Mar & Customer Strategy Man 

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John Ozimek Managing Editor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Valuing customers
Thayne Forbes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer reactions to online behavioural tracking and targeting
Pamela L Alreck and Robert B Settle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Personalisation and CRM
Tyrone W Jackson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The importance of rewards in the management of multisponsor loyalty
programmes [Publisher] [Google Scholar] Pedro Reinares Lara and Jesus Garcia de Madariaga

Marketing and the Junk Fax Prevention Act: What now?
Gwen Fontenot, Raj Srivastava and Anne Keaty [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assessing the costs of data retention in the UK
Ewan Nettleton and Mark Watts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Software Review

The role of social networks in marketing
Shaun Doyle [Publisher]