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Handbook of Consumer Psychology, Book edited by Curtis P. Haugtvedt, Paul Herr and Frank Kardes

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Handbook of Consumer Psychology
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Edited by

Curtis P. Haugtvedt, Ohio State University
Paul Herr, University of Colorado
Frank Kardes, University of Cincinnati


1. History of Consumer Psychology
David W. Schumann, University of Tennessee
Curtis P. Haugtvedt, Ohio State University
Edith Davidson, Auburn University

Consumer Information Processing

2. The Role of Knowledge Accessibility in Cognition and Behavior: Implications for Consumer Information Processing
Robert S. Wyer, Hong University of Science and Technology

3. Consumer Memory, Fluency, and Familiarity
Antonia Kronlund, University of Chicago
Bruce Whittlesea, Simon Fraser University
Carolyn Yoon, University of Michigan

4. Consumer Learning and Expertise
Wesley Hutchinson, University of Pennsylvania
Eric Eisenstein, Cornell University

5. Categorization Theory and Research in Consumer Psychology: Category
Representation and Category-Based Inference
Barbara Loken, University of Minnesota
Lawrence Barsalou, Emory University
Christopher Joiner, George Mason University

6. Consumer Inference
Frank Kardes, University of Cincinnati
Maria L. Cronley, Miami University
Steven Posavac, University of Rochester
Paul Herr, University of Colorado

7. Sensory Factors and Consumer Behavior
Joann Peck, University of Wisconsin
Terry L. Childers, University of Kentucky

8. Stages of Consumer Socialization: The Development of Consumer Knowledge,
Skills, and Values from Childhood to Adolescence
Deborah Roedder John, University of Minnesota

9. Older Consumers and Information Processing
Carolyn Yoon, University of Michigan
Catherine Cole, University of Iowa

Motivation, Affect, and Consumer Decisions

10. Positive Affect and Decision Processes: Recent Theoretical Developments with Practical Implications
Alice Isen, Cornell University

11. The Nature and Role of Affect in Consumer Behavior
Joel Cohen, University of Florida
Michel Pham, Columbia University
Eduardo Andrade, University of California-Berkeley

12. Self-regulation: Goals, Consumption, and Choices
Kathleen Vohs, University of Minnesota
Roy Baumeister, Florida State University
Diane Tice, Florida State University

13. Goal-Directed Consumer Behavior: Motivation, Volition, and Affect
Hans Baumgartner, Penn State University
Rick Pieters, Tilburg University

14. Goal Directed Perception
Chris Janiszewski, University of Florida

Persuasion, Attitudes, and Social Influence

15. Attitude Change and Persuasion
Curtis P. Haugtvedt, Ohio State University
Jeff A. Kasmer, Kasmer Associates, Los Angeles

16. Associative Strength
Christopher Jones, Ohio State University
Russell Fazio, Ohio State University

17. Measuring the Non-conscious: Implicit Social Cognition and Consumer Behavior
Andrew Perkins, Rice University
Mark Forehand, University of Washington
Dominika Maison, University of Warsaw
Anthony Greenwald, University of Washington

18. Implicit Cognition
Patrick Vargas, University of Illinois

19. Evoking the Imagination as a Strategy of Influence
Petia Petrova, Dartmouth College
Robert Cialdini, Arizona State University

20. Consumer Attitudes and Behavior
Icek Aizen, University of Massachusetts

21. The Persuasion Knowledge Model in Consumer Research
Margaret Campbell, University of Colorado
Amna Kirmani, University of Maryland

22. Values
Lynn Kahle, University of Oregon
Guangxin Xie, University of Oregon

Behavioral Decision Research

23. Consumer Decision Making: A Choice Goals Approach
James R. Bettman, Duke University
Mary Frances Luce, Duke University
John W. Payne, Duke University

24. Dynamics of Goal-Based choice
Ayelet Fishbach, University of Chicago
Ravi Dhar, Yale University

25. Hedonomics
Christopher Hsee, University of Chicago

26. Behavioral Pricing
Maggie Wenjing Liu, University of Toronto
Dilip Soman, University of Toronto

27. Perceptions of Fair Pricing
James E. Heyman, University of St. Thomas
Barbara Mellers, University of California-Berkeley

28. Associative Learning and Consumer Decisions
Stijn van Osselaer, Erasmus University
Products, Preferences, Places, and People

29. Consumer Response to Product Aesthetics: From Processing to Preference
JoAndrea Heogg, University of Florida
Joseph Alba, University of Florida

30. Product Assortment and Consumer Psychology
Susan Broniarczyk, University of Texas-Austin

31. Brands and Their Meaning Makers
Chris Allen, University of Cincinnati
Susan Fournier, Boston University
Felicia Miller, Marquette University

32. Theory in Consumer-Environment Research: Diagnosis and Prognosis
Sevgin Eroglu, Georgia State Univesity
Karen Machleit, University of Cincinnati

33. Music and Consumer Psychology
James Kellaris, University of Cincinnati

34. Consumer Psychology of Sport: More Than Just a Game
Robert Madrigal, University of Oregon
Vassilis Dalakas, Northern Kentucky University

35. Diversity Issues in Consumer Psychology
Jerome Williams, University of Texas-Austin
Wei Na Lee, University of Texas-Austin
Geraldine Henderson, University of Texas-Austin

Consumer Well-Being

36. Consumers and the Allure of "Safer" Tobacco Products: Scientific and Policy Issues
Eugene Borgida, University of Minnesota
Anita Kim, University of Minnesota
Emily N. Stark, University of Minnesota
Christopher Miller, University of Minnesota

37. Advertising and Youth: The Case of Tobacco
Marvin Goldberg, Penn State University

38. The Social Marketing of Volunteerism: A Functional Approach
Arthur Stukas, LaTrobe University
Mark Synder, University of Minnesota
E. Gil Clary, College of St. Cathernine

39. Health Risk Perceptions and Consumer Psychology
Geeta Menon, New York University
Priya Ragibur, University of California-Berkeley
Nidhi Agrawal, Northwestern University

40. Toward a Psychology of Consumer Creativity
James Burroughs, University of Virginia
Page Moreau, University of Colorado
David Mick, University of Virginia

41. Compulsive Consumption: Review and Reflection
Ron Faber, University of Minnesota
Tom O’Guinn, University of Illinois

42. Summing Up the State of Coping Research:
Prospects and Prescriptions for Consumer Research
Adam Duhachek, Indiana University

Advances in Research Methods

43. Self Reports in Consumer Research
Kim Weaver, University of Michigan
Norbert Schwarz, University of Michigan

44. Cross-Cultural Consumer Psychology
Sharon Shavitt, University of Illinois
Angela Y. Lee, Northwestern University
Timothy P. Johnson, University of Illinois

45. Experimental Design and Measurement Error in Consumer Psychology
Madhu Viswanathan, University of Illinois

46. Individual Differences: Tools for Theory Testing and Understanding in Consumer Psychology Research
Curtis P. Haugtvedt, Ohio State University
Kaiya Liu, Columbia University
Kyeong Sam Min, University of South Dakota

47. Neuroeconomics: Foundational issues and Relevance to Consumer Research
Giovanna Egidi, University of Chicago
Howard Nusbaum, University of Chicago
John Cacioppo, University of Chicago