Government Policies and Services


Special issue of Service Industries Journal, Edited by Francisco Mas-Verd?; Deadline 30 Jun 2008

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Issue 1, volume 30 will analyze the growing role of service industries in modern economy and the increasing political interest and involvement by governments on this matter on an international scale. Service industries are frequently influenced by the political measures put into place concerning economy, taxation, education, legislation, industry, employment, technology or government subsidies. Public policy actions in all these areas have a marked influence on the appearance and consolidation of the service industry. However, not all countries devote the same attention and effort to promote service industries.

The purpose of this special issue is to reflect experiences of service industry development and policy actions on this area at local, regional or national level as well as their role in the global economy. The editor of this special issue, would be pleased to receive theoretical papers as well as research-based pieces on any aspect of a governmental action concerning the promotion of service industries. In particular, on the following aspects:

  • How legislation and regulation influence the development of the service industry.
  • Innovation policy and services.
  • Economic and taxation policies as a means of attracting investment and encouraging service industries.
  • The role of public grants and subsidies to service industry enterprises. Are they just a passing fashion or an opportunity?
  • International, national and regional initiatives concerning service industry. Indicators and outcomes.
  • Policies on university education as source of knowledge for the creation and management of firms in the service industries.
  • R&D projects and R&D incentives in the service industry.
  • Organization of policy actions to enhance service industries. Government or private bodies active in implementing government policies.
  • Tendencies and future challenges for governments to encourage service industries. Actions to be taken.
  • Evolution of government aid to service industries in the 21st century.

Paper Procedure:

Researchers interested in publishing in this special issue are invited to submit manuscripts to the Guest Editor, Professor Francisco Mas-Verdú, at Questions about content and ideas are to be directed to the guest editor.

Please clearly identify your submission in the email subject line, SIJ – Government policies and services – Special Issue. All papers will go through double-blind review to ensure its relevance and quality, and must follow the SIJ Style Guidelines (see

Deadline: June 30, 2008

Issue Date: January 1, 2010