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Journal of Business Ethics, 78(1/2)

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Journal of Business Ethics 

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S. M. Patrick Primeaux, Marilynn Fleckenstein, Mary Maury, Patricia Werhane [Publisher]

Framing and Organizational Misconduct: A Symbolic Interactionist Study
Tammy L. MacLean [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Backlash Hits Business Ethics: Finding Effective Strategies for Communicating the Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility
Mary Lyn Stoll [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Some Thoughts on Moriarty and Moeller
Michael Schwartz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethical Leadership for the Professions: Fostering a Moral Community
Linda M. Sama, Victoria Shoaf [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Moral Discourse and Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting
MaryAnn Reynolds, Kristi Yuthas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Getting to the Bottom Line: An Exploration of Gender and Earnings Quality
Gopal V. Krishnan, Linda M. Parsons [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Professionalism: A Virtue or Estrangement from Self-activity?
Baris Parkan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Investigation of Ethics Officer Independence
W. Michael Hoffman, John D. Neill, O. Scott Stovall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Augustinian Moral Consciousness and the Businessman
Grace Natoli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Biblical Safeguards and Traditions as Potential Guidance for the Lending of Monies
Ellen J. Lippman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Study of the Relationship Between Personal Values and Moral Reasoning of Undergraduate Business Students
George Lan, Maureen Gowing, Sharon McMahon, Fritz Rieger, Norman King [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do the Numbers Add Up to Different Views? Perceptions of Ethical Faculty Behavior Among Faculty in Quantitative Versus Qualitative Disciplines
Linda A. Kidwell, Roland E. Kidwell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethical Stewardship – Implications for Leadership and Trust
Cam Caldwell, Linda A. Hayes, Patricia Bernal, Ranjan Karri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Relationship between Religiousness and Corporate Social Responsibility Orientation: Are there Differences Between Business Managers and Students?
Nabil A. Ibrahim, Donald P. Howard, John P. Angelidis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Gordian Knot of Ethics: Understanding Leadership Effectiveness and Ethical Behavior
Carl L. Harshman, Ellen F. Harshman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethical Issues Related to the Mass Marketing of Securities
Michael P. Coyne, Janice M. Traflet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Unholy Alliance of Business and Science
Rogene A. Buchholz, Sandra B. Rosenthal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managerial Decision-Making on Moral Issues and the Effects of Teaching Ethics
Vidya N. Awasthi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Ethics of Managerial Compensation: The Case of Executive Stock Options
James J. Angel, Douglas M. McCabe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Conflict of Interest and the Talmud
Joshua Fogel, Hershey H. Friedman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Let’s Talk Rights: Messages for the Just Corporation–Transforming the Economy Through the Language of Rights
Florian Wettstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethical Distance in Corrupt Firms: How Do Innocent Bystanders Become Guilty Perpetrators?
Stelios C. Zyglidopoulos, Peter J. Fleming [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Breaking the Rules: Examining the Facilitation Effects of Moral Intensity Characteristics on the Recognition of Rule Violations
David M. Wasieleski, Sefa Hayibor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]