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International Journal of Market Research, 50(2)

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International Journal of Market Research 

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Peter Mouncey


After 50 years of IJMR, the state of marketing
Malcolm McDonald


Culture, communications and business: the power of advanced semiotics
Katja Maggio-Muller and Malcolm Evans

Main papers

A new measure of brand attitudinal equity based on the Zipf distribution
Jan Hofmeyr, Victoria Goodall, Martin Bongers and Paul Holtzman

Instantiation: reframing brand communication
Chris Barnham

New trends in innovation and customer relationship management: a challenge for market researchers
Stan Maklan, Simon Knox and Lynette Ryals

Mixed mode: the only ‘fitness’regime?
Bill Blyth

Web 2.0, social networks and the future of market research
Mike Cooke and Nick Buckley

Book reviews

Richard Layard – Happiness: lessons from a new science
Agnes Nairn

Les Binet and Peter Field – Marketing in the era ofaccountability
Ian Grant and Keith Crosier