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International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 12(2)

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International Journal of Electronic Commerce 

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Introduction to the Special Issue: Semantic Matchmaking and Resource Retrieval on the Web
Eugenio Di Sciascio, Francesco M. Donini, Tommaso Di Noia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Flexible Model for Locating Services on the Web
Rubén Lara, Miguel Ángel Corella, Pablo Castells [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

DIANE: A Matchmaking-Centered Framework for Automated Service Discovery, Composition, Binding, and Invocation on the Web
Ulrich Küster, Birgitta König-Ries, Michael Klein, et al. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ontology Mapping Between Heterogeneous Product Taxonomies in an Electronic Commerce Environment
Sangun Park, Wooju Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Semantic Matchmaking of Web Resources with Local Closed-World Reasoning
Stephan Grimm, Pascal Hitzler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Nonmonotonic Approach to Semantic Matchmaking and Request Refinement in E-Marketplaces
Simona Colucci, Tommaso Di Noia, Agnese Pinto, Michele Ruta, Azzurra Ragone, Eufemia Tinelli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]