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International Marketing Review presents the Top Ten Reviewers for the period 2005-2007

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International Marketing Review: Top Ten Reviewers 2005-2007

Committed reviewers and rigorous review procedures are essential in maintaining excellence in academic publishing. As the International Marketing Review reaches its 25th volume, we are making a commitment to recognise the reviewers who do so much for the journal. Every three years, we will acknowledge the ten reviewers who, in the Editors’ eyes, have provided the most insightful, helpful and constructive contributions to the review process.

With that in mind, the editorial team of IMR is honoured to announce the top 10 reviewers for 2005-2007:

    Dr Marylyn Carrigan, University of Birmingham, UK
    Professor Paul Chao, Eastern Michigan University, USA
    Professor Costas Katsikeas, University of Leeds, UK
    Professor Leonidas Leonidou, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
    Professor Nicolas Papadopoulos, Carleton University, Canada
    Dr Nitish Singh, California State University – Chico, USA
    Professor K. Sivakumar, Lehigh University, USA
    Professor Chris Styles, University of Sydney, Australia
    Professor Isabelle T. D. Szmigin, University of Birmingham, UK
    Dr Marios Theodosiou, University of Cyprus, Cyprus

We thank them for giving so generously of their time and expertise, and thank all the reviewers who have helped to make IMR one of the publishing destinations of choice for cutting-edge international marketing research.

This email is timed to coincide with the publication date of IMR 25.1, in which these names are formally announced.

Further information on IMR can be found on the journal homepage:

Martyn Lawrence
Publisher – Marketing and International Business
Emerald Group Publishing Ltd