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Strategic Management Journal, 29(3)

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Strategic Management Journal 

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Multimarket contact and sales growth: evidence from insurance
Henrich R. Greve [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do bridging ties complement strong ties? An empirical examination of alliance ambidexterity
Amrit Tiwana [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the debate on short-termism: a theoretical and empirical analysis
David Marginson, Laurie McAulay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hybrid strategic groups
Wayne S. DeSarbo, Rajdeep Grewal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The intellectual structure of the strategic management field: an author co-citation analysis
Sridhar P. Nerur, Abdul A. Rasheed, Vivek Natarajan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic human resource management, institutionalization, and employment modes: an empirical study in China
Ji Li, Kevin Lam, James J. M. Sun, Shirley X. Y. Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]