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Organization Science 

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Founding the Future: Path Dependence in the Evolution of Top Management Teams from Founding to IPO
Christine M. Beckman and M. Diane Burton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Product Demography of De Novo and De Alio Firms in the Optical Disk Drive Industry, 1983-1999
Olga M. Khessina and Glenn R. Carroll [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Alternative Origins to Interorganizational Trust: An Interdependence Perspective on the Shadow of the Past and the Shadow of the Future
Laura Poppo, Kevin Zheng Zhou, and Sungmin Ryu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing the Impact of Employee Turnover on Performance: The Role of Process Conformance
Zeynep Ton and Robert S. Huckman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Academic Entrepreneurs: Organizational Change at the Individual Level
Janet Bercovitz and Maryann Feldman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge Flows Within Multinational Corporations: Explaining Subsidiary Isolation and Its Performance Implications
L. Felipe Monteiro, Niklas Arvidsson, and Julian Birkinshaw [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dumb and Dumber: The Impact of Downsizing on Firm Performance as Moderated by Industry Conditions
James P. Guthrie and Deepak K. Datta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Human Agents, Contexts, and Institutional Change: The Decline of Family in the Leadership of Business Groups
Chi-Nien Chung and Xiaowei Luo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Too Little or Too Much? Untangling the Relationship Between Corporate Philanthropy and Firm Financial Performance
Heli Wang, Jaepil Choi, and Jiatao Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Cultural Differences Matter in Mergers and Acquisitions? A Tentative Model and Examination
Gunter K. Stahl and Andreas Voigt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perspective–Rigor and Relevance in Organization Studies: Idea Migration and Academic Journal Evolution
Richard L. Daft and Arie Y. Lewin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]