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TechSIG reception honoring the best papers for 2006, Austin, 17 Feb 2008

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Just a reminder that we will host a reception on Sunday Feb 17th at Winter AMA to present the best paper awards for 2006.  Our finalist papers are:

From Invention to Innovation: Conversion Ability in Product Development
Authors: Rajesh Chandy, Brigitte Hopstaken, Om Narasimhan and Jaideep Prabhu, Journal of Marketing Research, 43 (August), 494-508 [Publisher].

The Emergence of Dominant Designs
Authors: Raji Srinivasan, Gary L. Lilien, & Arvind Rangaswamy, Journal of Marketing, 70(April), 1-17 [Publisher].

From Fear to Loathing? How Emotion Influences the Evaluation and Early Use of Innovations
Authors Stacy L. Wood and C. Page Moreau, Journal of Marketing, 70 (3), 44-57 [Publisher].

Please join me and TechSig in congratulating these authors on their scholarly contributions. I hope to see you at the reception.

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Associate Professor of Marketing,
Chair-Management, Marketing and Management Science
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