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Ramendra Singh seeks studies that have conceptualised and/or operationalised salesperson's effectiveness in different ways

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Ramendra Singh would like seek your help in getting references of any studies that have conceptualised and/or operarationalised salesperson’s effectiveness differently.

Dear Colleagues,

For my Doctoral Dissertation on determining Salesperson’s Effectiveness ( which is not same as performance), I would like to seek your help in getting references of any published / unpublished studies [including working papers]  that have conceptualised and/or operarationalised salesperson’s effectiveness in a manner which is different or unique from ones which have been commonly used by researchers.Out of the many existing conceptualisations and operationalisations of salesperson’s effectiveness,some of the well known ones are:

  • A function of additional factors, beyond individual salesperson’s direct control such as management policies, territory potential and competitive actions, and measured by a summary index of organizational outcomes for which they are at least partially responsible, like market share or sales volume (Churchill, Ford and Walker 1985).
  • Salesperson’s ability to close the sale and achieve high perceived customer satisfaction and quality of relationship (Evans et al 2000).
  • Degree in which the ‘preferred solutions’ of salespeople are realized across their customer interactions" (Weitz 1981; pg 91).

Alternately if you know of any unique/different conceptualisation and/or operationalisation of ‘effectiveness’ construct in non-sales context (but at an individual level of analysis), kindly forward me the reference.

Looking forward to receive your replies at:


Ramendra Singh

Doctoral Student(Marketing)
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

References :

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