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CFP Update for Identity Perspectives on Corporate and Organisational Marketing, Special issue of European Journal of Marketing, Edited by John M. T. Balmer and Shaun Powell; Deadline 31 Mar 2008

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European Journal of Marketing

Special issue call for papers

Identity Perspectives on Corporate and Organisational Marketing

Guest Editors: Professor John M.T. Balmer and Dr. Shaun M. Powell

Deadline for submission 31st March 2008

The announcement of this special edition forms part of the celebrations to mark the 10th anniversary of the first special of the EJM devoted to corporate identity and on the occasion of the 10th symposium of the International Corporate Identity Group (ICIG).

Currently, there is burgeoning interest in the nascent area of corporate and organisational marketing and renewed interest in the corporate identity by marketing scholars both in Europe and North America. This special edition aims to reflect recent advances in research and scholarship in these areas.

Since 1997 the EJM has established itself as a premier platform for cutting edge/influential articles on corporate identity, corporate marketing and related organisational themes (see vol. 31 no. 5 [1997], vol. 35 no. 3/4 [2001], vol. 37 no. 7/8 [2003], vol. 40 no. 7/8 [2006] among others).

The special edition aims to continue, and build upon, the tradition of knowledge dissemination on identity perspectives for corporate and organisational marketing and to publish within a unified volume a collection of high quality articles in line with this broad theme. The Guest Editors welcome articles that examine the theme through emergent as well as more traditional perspectives such as corporate identity, visual identity, corporate branding and stakeholder theories.

A wide variety of rigorous and thoughtful articles covering the above will be welcome including those derived from empirical research (qualitative, quantitative and case study research), conceptual articles, literature reviews and so on. Articles should have a clear marketing orientation and should outline the practical implications derived from their research. Articles should also be relevant to the European and wider world readership of this journal.

Suitable topics for this special edition include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Examining corporate/organisational/visual identity perspectives on corporate and organisational marketing
  • Corporate brand management and its link with corporate and organisational marketing
  • The interface between stakeholder management/theories and corporate marketing
  • Corporate marketing and customer/stakeholder identification
  • Corporate communication/reputation and their relationship with corporate marketing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)/ethical identities and organisational marketing
  • Identity perspectives on organisational marketing within Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Corporate marketing in the context of the history of marketing thought

Submission will be taken to imply that the article constitutes original work that has not previously been published, accepted for publication, or presently under consideration elsewhere.

Submission guidelines from January 2008

Deadline for submission: 31st March 2008


During Stage 4 of the online submission process – page entitled "Details and comments":

At bottom of the stage 4 web page it will state: ‘Please select the editor who will be handling this manuscript’. You should open the drop down list and select: ‘Editor for special issue: Identity Perspectives on Corporate and Organisational Marketing (Powell and Balmer)’. Failure to select the above will mean the manuscript will not be submitted for consideration in this special edition and will be submitted via the system only for consideration in the main stream editions of the journal.

Authors should take care to use Standard English (UK) spelling in their manuscript (rather than US or other spelling). Initial submissions will be reviewed by the guest editors and if judged suitable then placed for double-blind review. Articles should be no more than 5,000 words in length. Please number all pages.

Prior to submission it is expected that the EJM author guidelines have been followed in full, including the EJM editorial criteria. One author should also be clearly identified on jointly authored articles as the main administrative contact for the submission.

The author guidelines and further link for online submission can be found at:

The Guest Editors will send an acknowledgement upon receipt – please query via email address below if acknowledgement is not received shortly after submission.

Guest Editors

Professor John M.T. Balmer and Dr. Shaun M. Powell

Please address any inquiries relating to the special edition to Dr. Shaun Powell in the first instance via

10th Symposium of the International Corporate Identity Group (ICIG)

Plans are currently being made for the above event. Authors invited to submit an article for presentation at this symposium (anticipated to be held in London/South of England) may also have the article considered for the special edition. However, authors are not required to submit to the symposium or take part in order to be considered for the special edition via this open call for articles. Further information regarding ICIG symposiums can be found at the International Centre for Corporate and Organisational Marketing Studies via