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International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing, 2(1)

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International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing 

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Removing RFID adoption obstacles: a socio-technical perspective
Charlie C. Chen, Richard E. Crandall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The last mile of e-commerce – unattended delivery from the consumers and eTailers’ perspectives
Mark Xu, Brett Ferrand, Martyn Roberts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of WWW sites in delivering brand’s value: the user-based evaluation
Rainer Breite, Kaj U. Koskinen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of product involvement in e-service evaluations
Paul Wang, Siegfried Gudergan, Ian Lings [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The cost of electronic retailing: prevalent security threats and their results
B. Dawn Medlin, Adriana Romaniello [Publisher] [Google Scholar]