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2nd International Centre for Anti-consumption Research Symposium, Sydney, 4-5 Dec 2008; Deadline 23 Jun

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Dear Colleagues

You are warmly invited to attend the 2nd ICAR symposium to be held in beautiful harbour city of Sydney from the 4-5th December 2008. In many ways Sydney is an ideal location for this gathering as many of its greatest delights such as the harbour, stunning beaches and parks are free to all!

ICAR (The International Centre for Anti-consumption Research) comprises a network of marketing academics, practitioners, and social scientists from throughout the world who share a common interest in anti-consumption. This symposium is once again organised in a spirit of inclusion and as a forum for discussion. It will provide a platform for recent work in the area but also to consider our response to the urgent need for direction within sustainable practice. The symposium theme has therefore been set as "HOW CAN ANTI-CONSUMPTION RESEARCH CONTRIBUTE TO SUSTAINABILITY?" and leads on from recent attempts to help academic research recapture its relevance to practitioners. We thus call on authors to submit a 5 page paper for competitive review. For additional information please regarding the Call for Papers and Guide for Authors please visit http://icar.econ.usyd.edu.au/

Video conferencing track

Clearly environmental awareness lies at the heart of much of what will be discussed and recognising this the symposium, will offer a video conferencing track, where participants from wheresoever in world can present without the need to travel. Places will be limited and will be allocated on the quality of the paper as assessed by the reviewers.

We look forward to running a symposium according to environmental best practice and to this end are delighted that Greenpeace Australia are onboard to guide us. The symposium is timed to start just after ANZMAC 2008 also taking place in Sydney, hopefully making it easier for our international friends to attend!

Warm regards,

Symposium Chair:
Dr Iain Black, Discipline of Marketing, University of Sydney

Academic Programme Chair:
Dr Deirdre Shaw
Department of Management, University of Glasgow