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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 93(6)

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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 

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Relative Versus Absolute Measures of Explicit Attitudes: Implications for Predicting Diverse Attitude-Relevant Criteria
James M. Olson, Richard D. Goffin and Graeme A. Haynes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Nonconsciously Priming Emotion Concepts on Behavior
Yael Zemack-Rugar, James R. Bettman and Gavan J. Fitzsimons [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Priming Us and Them: Automatic Assimilation and Contrast in Group Attitudes
Alison Ledgerwood and Shelly Chaiken [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

(Why) Do I Think What You Think Epistemic Social Tuning and Implicit Prejudice
Janetta Lun, Stacey Sinclair, Erin R. Whitchurch and Catherine Glenn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Conflicting Social Motives in Negotiating Groups
Laurie R. Weingart, Jeanne M. Brett, Mara Olekalns and Philip L. Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Identity-Based Motivation and Health
Daphna Oyserman, Stephanie A. Fryberg and Nicholas Yoder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stereotypes Help People Connect With Others in the Community: A Situated Functional Analysis of the Stereotype Consistency Bias in Communication
Anna E. Clark and Yoshihisa Kashima [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Message Recipients’ Power Before and After Persuasion: A Self-Validation Analysis
Pablo Briñol, Richard E. Petty, Carmen Valle, Derek D. Rucker and Alberto Becerra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Early Positive Emotionality as a Heterogeneous Trait: Implications for Children’s Self-Regulation
Grazyna Kochanska, Nazan Aksan, Sara J. Penney and Alissa F. Doobay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intuition and the Correspondence Between Implicit and Explicit Self-Esteem
Christian H. Jordan, Mervyn Whitfield and Virgil Zeigler-Hill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relations Between Personality and Coping: A Meta-Analysis
Jennifer K. Connor-Smith and Celeste Flachsbart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gender and Sexual Orientation Differences in Sexual Response to Sexual Activities Versus Gender of Actors in Sexual Films
Meredith L. Chivers, Michael C. Seto and Ray Blanchard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Motivation Gains of Inferior Group Members: A Meta-Analytical Review
Bernhard Weber and Guido Hertel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]