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Hamburg International Conference of Logistics 2008, Hamburg, 4-5 Sep 2008; Deadline 15 Mar

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Call for Papers

Hamburg International Conference of Logistics 2008 (HICL2008)

"Logistics Networks and Nodes"
04 – 05 September 2008 HAMBURG, Germany

Conference Website http://www.hicl.org

Important Dates

Submission of Abstract: 15 March 2008
Notification of Acceptance (Abstract): 31 March 2008
Early Bird registration deadline: 31 April 2008
Full paper submission: 15 May. 2008
Notification of Acceptance (Full paper): 15 June 2008
Author registration deadline: 15 July 2008
Conference: 04 to 05 September 2008

We are pleased to announce and invite you to participate in the HICL 2008 Hamburg International Conference of Logistics, which will be held at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Germany from 04 – 05 September 2008. This international conference is co-organized by the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and the K?hne School of Logistics and Management (the former Hamburg School of Logistics).

Theme and Objectives

Today, there is a huge variety of logistics networks ? ranging from very simple locally oriented chains with only a few participants to internationally operating complex systems connecting firms all over the world. However, each of these networks is formed by logistics nodes connected by different types of edges. Various questions arise during the build-up and operation of these systems. In the design phase, partners have to be chosen, facilities have to be located, and connections have to be specified in a holistic way. On the operational level, logistics nodes have to be engineered, handling equipment has to be constructed, and last but not least, management systems have to be established in order to run and control operations within these networks. In recent years, logistics research has made extensive progress in the analysis of connections between different network nodes.

Unfortunately, research concerning the logistics nodes themselves and the possible means of improving them is far less advanced. Therefore, this conference focuses on the interaction of networks as well as on the improvement of logistics nodes. In practice, this all-embracing approach provides the chance to optimize logistics nodes not only based on their own requirements, but to enhance them to meet network-wide demands. In consequence, it becomes possible to adjust node design and operation to the needs of the whole supply chain. Vice versa, in a holistic improvement process the network can be constructed in such a way that the requirements posed by the nodes are taken into account.

Logistics Networks and Nodes – The HICL will provide a multidisciplinary network and forum for scientists and practitioners involved in logistics and supply chain management to interact with each other and exchange ideas and information on the latest issues in this field.

We welcome scientific and practical contributions from different disciplines such as Business Administration & Economics, Engineering, Computer Science, Science & Mathematics and Law.


Papers addressing any relevant topic within the broad area of networks and nodes in Logistics and Supply Chain Management including, but not limited to the following are welcome:

  • Creating services for logistics nodes and networks:
  • Profit and risk sharing in supply chain networks
  • Suppliers and service providers in logistics nodes and networks
  • Network and node design
  • Interrelationships between node operations and logistics networks
  • Bottlenecks in logistics nodes and networks
  • Managing complexity in logistics nodes and supply chain networks
  • Ramp-up management in supply chain networks
  • Innovative IT systems for logistics nodes and networks (RFID, SOA etc.)
  • Simulation approaches for logistics networks
  • Tracking and Tracing
  • Innovations in transport systems (air, rail, road, sea)
  • Infrastructure management for logistics nodes and networks
  • Technologies for management of logistics nodes in supply chain networks
  • Managing risks in network nodes and supply chain networks
  • Quality management in logistics nodes and networks
  • Implementation strategies for innovations in logistics nodes and networks
  • Sustainability in supply chain networks
  • Innovative concepts for modelling, simulation and optimization of nodes and transportation networks
  • Managing logistics service quality

Submission of Abstracts

Authors are invited to submit original and unpublished research results/best practices for consideration in HICL 2008. All papers will be double-blind refereed.

Abstracts for papers should describe the nature and relevance of the problems, the research methodology, and work-in-progress or final research results. Abstracts must not exceed 500 words and should be in MSÿWord. Abstracts for Papers should include three to four keywords and all authors? contact information. The official conference language for abstracts, papers and presentation is English. Please submit the abstracts to: hicl@hicl.org

Conference Chairs

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kersten
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Blecker
Institute of Business Logistics and General Management
Kuehne School of Logistics and Management at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

Prof. Dr. Carsten Gertz
Prof. Dr. Heike Flämig
Institute for Transport Planning and Logistics
Kuehne School of Logistics and Management at Hamburg University of
Technology (TUHH)


Hamburg International Conference of Logistics 2008
Kuehne School of Logistics and Management at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)
D- 21073 Hamburg, Germany
WEBSITE: www.hicl.org
CONTACT: hicl@hicl.org