Corporate Reputation, Identity, B2B


Corporate Reputation, Identity, and Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy, Special issue of Industrial Marketing Management and Corporate Identity/Associations Research Group Conference, Vancouver, 25-27 May 2008; Deadline 14 Mar

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Industrial Marketing Management: Special Issue
Corporate Reputation, Identity, and Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy

In association with the
25-27 May 2008, Vancouver, Canada

Conference Chair: Dr Leyland Pitt, Simon Fraser University


Dr Tom Brown, Oklahoma State University
Dr Peter Dacin, Queen’s University

Focus of the Special Issue

Corporate reputation has been described as the set of associations formed by outsiders with regard to a firm and the actions it has taken in the past. Reputation is considered an intangible asset to be valued and managed. Researchers in the fields of strategy, management, corporate communications, branding, and marketing have long recognized the importance of the concept of reputation, and published widely – although separately – on the topic. Much has been written on the constructs of corporate identity, image, and reputation; but the linkage between them has yet to be explored sufficiently to unlock the secret to future prosperity for firms.

For industrial marketers, where firm- (rather than product-) reputations determine sales, the inseparability of these issues has become clear. Scholars are thus beginning to understand the need to consolidate knowledge held across the disciplines to understand how reputation can be used strategically by firms to build corporate associations with stakeholders and increase competitive advantage.

This call for papers of a special issue of Industrial Marketing Management is seeking research that investigates and reports on the strategic importance of corporate reputation in the business-to-business marketing context. We welcome papers from multiple disciplines in which new theoretical approaches and practical applications of the concepts of associations, reputation, and marketing strategy are developed.

Specific sub-themes that are particularly relevant for (but not limited to) the special issue include:

  • The value of reputation in the industrial marketing environment
  • How to build and manage reputation
  • Building an identity and managing corporate image
  • The strategic and operational link between corporate image and reputation
  • Measuring corporate reputation in industrial firms
  • The link between reputation and industrial product performance
  • Creating and managing reputation with respect to different stakeholders
  • The relationship between sustainability, social responsibility and reputation within a business-to-business perspective

Submissions incorporating and integrating several sub-themes are especially encouraged. Empirical, theoretical, and case study manuscripts will be suitable for the special issue. We impose no restrictions on the methodologies that may be utilized in the submitted research papers.

Please submit a 2-page abstract to Leyland Pitt ( or Lisa Papania ( by March 14, 2008.


  1. Abstracts will be screened by the conference co-chairs and IMM special issue editors. Topics deemed a priori to have a good fit will be accepted for presentation at the conference.
  2. Authors wishing for their papers to be considered for publication in the special issue of Industrial Marketing Management will be invited to submit full papers.
  3. All full papers will receive an initial screening by the Special Editors. Only papers that are deemed a priori to have a reasonable chance of acceptance in an accelerated review process will remain under consideration. Papers that do not pass this initial screening will not be considered further.

CALL FOR PAPERS : Special Issue on Corporate Reputation, Identity, and Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy, Special issue of Industrial Marketing Management, In association with the Fifth Annual Conference of the Corporate Identity/ Associations Research Group, Vancouver, 25-27 May 2008; Deadline 14 Mar