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Tourism Analysis, 12(5/6)

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Tourism Analysis 

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Special Issue
Building Destination Brands

Introduction: Building Destination Brands
J. Gnoth, S. Baloglu, Y. Ekinci, and E. Sirakaya-Turk, Guest Editors

The Structure of Destination Brands: Leveraging Values
Juergen Gnoth

The Alps: Challenges and Potentials of a Brand Management
Harald Pechlaner, Frieda Raich, and Anita Zehrer

Building a Place Brand: A Case Study of Surrey Hills
Outi Nininen, Sameer Hosany, Yuksel Ekinci, and David Airey

The "Sleeping Giant"’: Leisure Tourism Branding of a Business Tourism Destination
Margaret J. Daniels

Pottery, Pride, and Prejudice: Assessing Resident Images for City Branding
Linda Phillips and Peter Schofield

Brand Cairns: An Insider (Resident) Stakeholder Perspective
Bill Merrilees, Dale Miller, Carmel Herington, and Christine Smith

Destination Brand Personality: Visitor Perceptions of a Regional Tourism Destination
Laurie Murphy, Pierre Benckendorff, and Gianna Moscardo

Host Image and Destination Personality
Yuksel Ekinci, E. Sirakaya-Turk, and Seyhmus Baloglu

Different TouristsmDifferent Perceptions of Different Places: Accounting for Tourists’ Perceptual Heterogeneity in Destination Image Measurement
Sara Dolnicar and Twan Huybers

Towards a Competitive Destination Brand in a Mass Market
Liping A. Cai, Henry (Haichun) Qiu, and Guoxin Li

A Managerial Approach to Positioning and Branding: Eponymous or Efficient
K. W. Kendall and Dogan Gursoy

Research Notes

Perceptions of the Last Privately Funded Olympic Games: The Atlanta Case
Brian J. Mihalik and Melih Madanoglu

Heritage Attractions and the Case of the Dutch Windmills
Omar Moufakkir