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International Journal of Market Research, 50(1)

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International Journal of Market Research 

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Peter Mouncey


How did the MRS Journal start?
John Downham


Facebook: the future of networking with customers
Ray Poynter


Food for thought: shouldn’t we actually target food advertising more towards kids and not less?
Juliet Strachan and Vincent Pavie-Latour

Main papers

Fifty years using the wrong model ofadvertising
Robert Heath and Paul Feldwick

Do data characteristics change according to the number of scale points used? An experiment using 5-point, 7-point and 10-point scales
John Dawes

Web surveys versus other survey modes: a meta-analysis comparing response rates
Katja Lozar Manfreda, Michael Bosnjak, Jernej Berzelak, Iris Haas and Vasja Vehovar

Improved scale development in marketing: an empirical illustration
Nic S. Terblanche and Christo Boshoff

Marketing research in Japan: from its emergence to the present
Nicolaos E. Synodinos and Kazuo Kobayashi

Book reviews

Dick Stroud – The 50-plus market
Peter Mouncey

Ian Ayres – Super crunchers. How anything can be predicted
Mike Cooke