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Social Marketing Quarterly, 13(1)

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Social Marketing Quarterly 

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Applying Behavioral Theories to a Social Marketing Campaign
Fraze, Jami; Rivera-Trudeau, Maria; McElroy, Laura [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stigmatizing Effects of Prosocial Alcohol and Tobacco E-Sponsorships
Rodgers, Shelly; Bae, Jiyang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Quit and Win Contests: A Social Marketing Success Story
Lavack, Anne; Watson, Lisa; Markwart, Julie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reaffirming the Neutrality of the Social Marketing Tool Kit: Social Marketing as a Hammer, and Social Marketers as Hired Guns
Dann, Stephen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Marketing Resources
Dunlevy, Kristina [Publisher]

Time to Look Ahead
Smith, Bill [Publisher]

Letter from the Editor
Niblett, Gregory [Publisher]