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Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 12(3)

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Journal of Financial Services Marketing 

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Tina Harrison Editor [Publisher]

Defining the proposed factors for small business online banking: Interviewing the IT professionals
Robert Gehling, Douglas Turner and Brian Rutherford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The stages of financial services product elimination
Tina Harness and David R Harness [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing an effective deep support network for individual investors
Jae H Song, Carl R Adams and Yinsog Rhee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Credit card ownership and usage behaviour in Saudi Arabia: The impact of demographics and attitudes toward debt
Alhassan G Abdul-Muhmin and Yakubu A Umar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making ends meet: How will the elderly manage their finances and post-retirement expenses?
George P Moschis and Janee N Burkhalter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mutual fund advertising: Should investors take notice?
Michael A Jones, Vance P Lesseig, Thomas I Smythe and Valerie A Taylor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]