AAA 2009 Asian-Pacific Conference


American Academy of Advertising 2009 Asian-Pacific Conference, Beijing, 27-30 May 2009 ; Deadline 15 Sep 2008

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American Academy of Advertising
2009 Asian-Pacific Conference
Co-sponsored by CAAC and CUC

Beijing, China, May 27-30, 2009

Call for Competitive Papers & Special Topics Session Proposals

The American Academy of Advertising will hold its fifth Asian-Pacific conference in Beijing, China on May 27-30, 2009 in collaboration with the China Advertising Association of Commerce and Communication University of China, following the past success in Kisarazu, Japan (2001 and 2003), Hong Kong, China (2005), and Seoul, Korea (2007).

Focusing on issues in the Asian-Pacific region, this conference welcomes research on any aspect of advertising, as broadly defined, in one or more Asian-Pacific countries, or in multiple countries involving at least one Asian-Pacific country. It especially seeks research on Asian brands and branding strategies in the global marketplace. As in the past, the conference also is a networking event for academicians and professionals of advertising, communication, and marketing from all parts of the world.

Competitive Papers

You are invited to submit competitive papers and extended abstracts. Completed papers are given first priority but extended abstracts of at least 2 pages also are considered. For accepted extended abstracts, full papers must be completed prior to the conference. Authors are obligated to publish their full papers or a one-page abstract of their paper in the AAA 2009 Asia-Pacific Conference Proceedings. The Proceedings are to be published in an electronic form and copyrighted, and submissions may not be under consideration at other journals or conferences. Nevertheless, publication of an abstract does not preclude future publication of the full paper elsewhere. For all submissions, authors must agree to present the paper at the conference if it is accepted, and only an author or co-author may present a paper.

Special Topics Session Proposals

You are invited to submit proposals for special topic sessions. These sessions normally last 90 minutes each and are designed to offer themed dialogues on topics of high importance to advertising education, research or practice, such as current curriculum, practitioner issues, digital media, and creative topics. As with competitive papers, the special topics sessions should deal with issues of the Asia-Pacific region or multiple countries including at least one Asia-Pacific country.

A special topics session proposal should have a strong rationale, cohesive theme and detailed description of what issues are to be addressed, together with a clear explanation of the value of the session for conference attendees. It should include a bio (name, affiliation, and experience) and summary of the presentation for each session participant; blind reviews are not possible with these proposals because the quality of a proposal depends in part on appropriate participants. Proposal also should indicate the length of time required if it differs from a normal 90-minute session. Special topics session participants listed in the proposal must agree to register for and attend the conference. In addition, special topics session chairs are responsible for generating a one-page synopsis of the session prior to the conference for inclusion in the Proceedings.

Submission Requirements and Deadline

Competitive papers, extended abstracts, and special topics session proposals may be written in English or Chinese, and conference presentations may be in either language to be simultaneously translated. The cover page of all submissions must include:

  • the title of the paper, extended abstract or special topics session proposal, the name, affiliation, mailing and email address of the authors or special topic session chair and participants, and the phone and fax number for a designated contact person for the submission;
  • but no name or any other personal identifier of the authors beyond the cover page of a paper or an extended abstract (except for special topics session proposals) because of blind review; and
  • for purpose of indexing, three keywords and the country or countries of focus.

The email letter of submissions must state that the paper author or session chair and participants have agreed to register for and attend the conference. For full papers, an abstract of approximately 100 words must be included on a separate page.

Competitive papers, extended abstracts, and special topic session proposals are to be emailed as an attachment in MS Word format to the co-chairs of the AAA 2009 Asian-Pacific conference (see their emails below). The submission deadline is Monday, September 15, 2008.

Submissions in English should be emailed to Professor Hairong Li, Michigan State University; email:, telephone: +1 (517) 355-1739 and fax: +1 (517) 432-2589.

Submissions in Chinese should be emailed to Professor Huang Shengmin, Communication University of China; email: and telephone: +86 (010) 6578-3238, or Professor Jin Dinghai, Shanghai Teachers University; email: and telephone: +86 (021) 6432-1849.

Inquiries regarding logistical issues of the conference should be directed to Dr. Robert King, co-chair of the conference and director of conference services for the American Academy of Advertising. Dr. King’s email:, telephone: +1 (804) 289-8902 and fax: +1 (804) 289-8878.