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Tourism Management 

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Tourism demand modelling and forecasting—A review of recent research
Haiyan Song and Gang Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Influential factors and relational structure of Internet banner advertising in the tourism industry
Shwu-Ing Wu, Pao-Lien Wei and Jui-Ho Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why ‘the tourism industry’ is misleading as a generic expression: The case for the plural variation, ‘tourism industries’
Neil Leiper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism strategy making: Insights to the events tourism domain
Robyn Stokes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the cognitive–affective nature of destination image and the role of psychological factors in its formation
Héctor San Martín and Ignacio A. Rodríguez del Bosque [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A systematic comparison of first-time and repeat visitors via a two-phase online survey?
Xiang (Robert) Li, Chia-Kuen Cheng, Hyounggon Kim and James F. Petrick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Destination competitiveness—Applying different models, the case of Slovenia
Doris Omerzel Gomezelj and Tanja Mihalic( [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism development of World Heritage Sites in China: A geographic perspective
Mimi Li, Bihu Wu and Liping Cai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A factorial validation of work value structure: Second-order confirmatory factor analysis and its implications
Kay Hei-Lin Chu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attendee-based brand equity
Jin-Soo Lee and Ki-Joon Back [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Individual attitudes and organisational knowledge sharing
Jen-te Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A typology of photographic representations for tourism: Depictions of groomed spaces
William Cannon Hunter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge management in the hospitality industry: A review of empirical research
Carina Antonia Hallin and Einar Marnburg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Case study

Is the Turkish tourism industry ready for a disabled customer’s market?The views of hotel and travel agency managers
Yuksel Ozturk, Ali Yayli and Mehmet Yesiltas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

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Paul R. Fidgeon [Publisher]

Human Resource Management for Tourism, Hospitality, and Leisure: An International Perspective, T. Baum. Thomson, London (2006) (326pp., ISBN: 1-84480-196-9).
Adelina Broadbridge [Publisher]

Community Development through Tourism. S. Beeton. Landlinks Press, Collingwood, Australia (2006). 246 pp., $49.95, ISBN:0-643-06962-3.
Claudia Jurowski [Publisher]

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Wesley S. Roehl [Publisher]

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Marianna Sigala [Publisher]