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Marketing Theory, 7(4)

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Marketing Theory 

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A cybernetic communication model for advertising
Chris Miles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Psychoanalyzing kleptomania
Ronald A. Fullerton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are we measuring the same attitude? Understanding media effects on attitude towards advertising
Soo Jiuan Tan and Lily Chia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Towards evidence-based marketing: the case of childhood obesity
Martine Stead, Laura McDermott, and Gerard Hastings [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ain’t misbehavin’ consumption in a moralized brandscape
Miriam Salzer-Morling and Lars Strannegard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The concept of perceived value: a systematic review of the research
Raquel Sanchez-Fernandez and M. Angeles Iniesta-Bonillo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]•