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Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 22(2)

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Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing 

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The Association of Tourists’ Cultural Tendencies and Their Perceived Service Quality of a Chinese Travel Agency
Tao Zhu, Shu Tian Cole, Jaclyn A. Card [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Association Members’ Meeting Participation Behaviors: Development of Meeting Participation Model
Myong Jae (MJ) Lee, Ki-Joon Back [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Photographic Images, Culture, and Perception in Tourism Advertising: A Q Methodology Study of Canadian and Chinese University Students
Keith Dewar, Wen Mei Li, Charles H. Davis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Linking Travel Motivation, Tourist Self-Image and Destination Brand Personality
Laurie Murphy, Pierre Benckendorff, Gianna Moscardo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Advancing Destination Competitiveness Research: Comparison Between Tourists and Service Providers
Ozan Bahar, Metin Kozak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Surface Transport Distribution Channels in New Zealand: A Comparative Analysis
Douglas G. Pearce, Mondher Sahli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]