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Journal of Marketing, 72(1)

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Journal of Marketing 

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Preventing Digital Music Piracy: The Carrot or the Stick?
Rajiv K Sinha, Naomi Mandel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing Initiatives, Expected Cash Flows, and Shareholders’Wealth
Ramesh K.S Rao, Neeraj Bharadwaj [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interaction Orientation and Firm Performance
Girish Ramani, V Kumar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Expanding Business-to-Business Customer Relationships: Modeling the Customer’s Upgrade Decision
Ruth N Bolton, Katherine N Lemon, Peter C Verhoef [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Chief Marketing Officers: A Study of Their Presence in Firms’Top Management Teams
Pravin Nath, Vijay Mahajan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding Service Retention Within and Across Cohorts Using Limited Information
David A Schweidel, Peter S Fader, Eric T Bradlow [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Old Is Gold: The Role of Business Longevity in Risky Situations
Preyas S Desai, Ajay Kalra, B.P.S Murthi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Readability of Marketing Journals: Are Award-Winning Articles Better Written?
Alan G Sawyer, Juliano Laran, Jun Xu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stage-Gate Controls, Learning Failure, and Adverse Effect on Novel New Products
Rajesh Sethi, Zafar Iqbal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]