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Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 2(5)

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Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 

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Introduction to the special issue: decision making and the law
Mandeep K. Dhami, Reid Hastie, Jonathan J. Koehler, Richard L. Wiener [Publisher]

Effects of prior interpretation on situation assessment in crime analysis
José H. Kerstholt, Aletta R. Eikelboom [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bias in jury selection: justifying prohibited peremptory challenges
Michael I. Norton, Samuel R. Sommers, Sara Brauner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Guilty, not guilty, or ?? multiple options in jury verdict choices
Michael Smithson, Sara Deady, Lavinia Gracik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The psychology and law of voluntary manslaughter: what can psychology research teach us about the ?heat of passion? defense?
Steven J. Sherman, Joseph L. Hoffmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When consumption benefits precede costs: towards an understanding of ?buy now, pay later? transactions
Jennifer Christie Siemens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unpacking perceived control in risk perception: the mediating role of anticipated regret
Loran F. Nordgren, Joop van der Pligt, Frenk van Harreveld [Publisher] [Google Scholar]