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Long Range Planning, 40(6)

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Long Range Planning 

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Policy Gaming for Strategy and Change
Jac L.A. Geurts, Richard D. Duke and Patrick A.M. Vermeulen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Teams to Avoid Peripheral Blindness?
Miguel Pina e Cunha and Robert Chia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategy as Order Emerging from Chaos: A Public Sector Experience
Elizabeth McMillan and Ysanne Carlisle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Value Creation among Large FirmsLessons from the Spanish Experience
Bryan W. Husted and David B. Allen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Integration of Environmental Management with Other Managerial Functions of the FirmEmpirical Effects on Drivers of Economic Performance
Marcus Wagner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stephen Davis, Jon Lukomnik and David Pitt-Watson, The New Capitalists , Harvard Business School Press (2006) 320pp., $29.95.
Adrian Davies [Publisher]

Grazia Ietto-Gillies, Transnational Corporations and International Production: Concepts, Theories and Effects , Edward Elgar (2005) 272pp., £53.95 (hard), £15.96 (soft).
Howard Cox [Publisher]

Christine A. Mallin, Editor, Handbook on International Corporate Governance: Country Analyses, Edgar Elgar (2006) 272pp., £85.00 (& ebook).
Bala Balachandran [Publisher]

Robert J. Chapman, Simple tools and techniques for enterprise risk management , Wiley (2006) 494pp., £55.00.
Guy Taylor [Publisher]