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Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 6(4)

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Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management 

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The futurology of revenue management and pricing
Ian Yeoman and Gina Morello Editors [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Futures Papers

A revenue management system which can learn by itself
Scott Chandler and Shau-Shiang Ja [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Applying pricing and revenue management in US hospitals – New perspectives
Itir Z Karaesmen and Igor Nakshin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Demand management: Beyond revenue management
Chris K Anderson and Bill Carroll [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Should revenue management be called displacement optimisation?
Steven Pinchuk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Four macro challenges
Robert Raeside [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How do currency exchange rates influence the price of holidays?
Chris Greenwood [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Significant gains through an integrated view by origin-destination market
Larry Michaels [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service innovation: Converting Pareto loss into revenue
Irene C L Ng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Adoption of customer-centric cargo revenue management: Brief history of cargo revenue management vs passenger revenue management
Laura C Freeland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pricing trends in Europe’s fashion industry
Ian Yeoman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Revenue Management circa 2020
Yuri Karadjov and Mehran Farahmand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Emerging trends in scientific pricing
Harun Ahmet Kuyumcu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From the back seat to the driver’s seat
Warren H Lieberman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The science of selling
E Andrew Boyd [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The era of convergence in revenue management
Ramesh Venkat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Airlines’ futures
Haewoon Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can we really look to the past to forecast future demand?
Richard H Zeni [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Seat availability: Alignment with the revenue management value proposition
Ben Vinod [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Papers

An airline seat allocation game
Michael Z F Li, Tae H Oum and Chris K Anderson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Revenue management and customer centric marketing – How do they influence travellers’ choices?
Christine Mathies and Siegfried Gudergan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Allocating expenditures across keywords in search advertising
Ozgur Ozluk and Susan Cholette [Publisher] [Google Scholar]