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Journal of Public Affairs, 7(4)

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Journal of Public Affairs 

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The theologies of transparency in Europe: the limits and possibilities of ‘fusion’ in the EU transparency regime
Steven Billet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

International political marketing: a case study of its application in China
Henry H. Sun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The determinants of corporate political strategy in Chinese transition
Zhilong Tian, Xinming Deng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managed Care in the USA: origins, HMO strategies and the marketing of health services
Daniel Simonet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

But what do they really think? Identifying consumers’ values relevant to adopting biotechnologically produced foods
Susan Grantham [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A way of life: ?making a mint building MORI into a household name while making market research fun?
Robert Worcester [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The public affairs of sunshine
Tom Spencer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effective use of a Strategic Issue Management System (SIMS): combining tools and approach
G. R. Oliver, P. J. Donnelly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The politics of public service bargains: reward, competency, loyalty – and blame. Edited by Christopher Hood and Martin Lodge Oxford University Press Oxford, 240 pages, 2006; ISBN 0-19-926967-X
Chris Eichbaum [Publisher] [Google Scholar]