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Harvard Business Review, 85(12)

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Harvard Business Review 

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From the Editor
Thomas A. Stewart [Publisher]

The Four Truths of the Storyteller Basic Subscription Required
Peter Guber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

China + India: The Power of Two Basic Subscription Required
Tarun Khanna [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Breakthrough Thinking from Inside the Box Free Content
Kevin P. Coyne, Patricia Gorman Clifford, and Renée Dye [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Every Leader Needs to Know About Followers Basic Subscription Required
Barbara Kellerman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Deals Without Delusions Basic Subscription Required
Dan Lovallo, Patrick Viguerie, Robert Uhlaner, and John Horn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

HBR Case Study

The Customers’ Revenge Basic Subscription Required
Dan Ariely [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Best Practice

Simplicity-Minded Management
Ron Ashkenas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tool Kit

Is It Real? Can We Win? Is It Worth Doing?: Managing Risk and Reward in an Innovation Portfolio Basic Subscription Required
George S. Day [Publisher] [Google Scholar]