A new journal dealing with design and edited Charlie Breindahl, Ken Friedman, Bonnie Nardi and Erik Stolterman

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The journal Artifact is an international peer-reviewed academic journal dealing with design. Artifact addresses topical themes and issues relevant to design researchers, practising designers, organizations, and manufacturers. It reflects the broad field of design today by giving researchers from different disciplines the opportunity to debate and exchange ideas. Artifact is open to many kinds of discourse, with an emphasis on human and cultural issues.

Our goal is to promote transdisciplinary design research, encourage cross-fertilization, interconnections, and crossbreeding among different scientific disciplines, the design industry, and the arts. Artifact embraces experimental research approaches to design, with a basis in, or view to applied design practice.

Articles from the first issue of Artifact are available free on the journal web site:

Recent authors include:

Lev Manovich, Jonas Lowgren, Adrian Miles, Mattias Arvola & Henrik Artman, Greg Van Alstyne & Robert K. Logan, Owen F. Smith, Pascal Béguin, Klaus Krippendorff, Susan M. Hagan, Johan Redström, John Chris Jones,Per Mollerup, and John Shiga.

Please visit our web site — and consider a contribution to Artifact.

The Editors

Charlie Breindahl
University of Copenhagen and IT University of Copenhagen

Ken Friedman
Norwegian School of Management, Oslo, and Denmark’s Design School, Copenhagen

Bonnie Nardi
School of Information and Computer Science, University of California, Irvine

Erik Stolterman
Indiana University School of Informatics, Bloomington

Associate Editors:

Ida Engholm
Judith Gregory
Lisbeth Thorlacius

Advisory Board:

Thomas Binder
Jeanette Blomberg
David Durling
Lars Dybdahl
Pelle Ehn
Susan M. Hagan
Marius Hartmann
Steve Jones
Klaus Krippendorff
Lev Manovich
Jannie Nielsen
Christiane Paul
Sharon Poggenpohl
Johan Redström
Kristoffer Aaberg