Advertising, Markets and Demand


Special issue of International Journal of Advertising, Edited by Tim Ambler; Deadline 15 Feb 2008

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International Journal of Advertising

Advertising, Markets and Demand

Guest Editor

Tim Ambler, Senior Fellow, London Business School

The debate surrounding the effect of advertising in mature, established markets has a tendency to polarise views. On the one hand, proponents of advertising generally argue that brand advertising within mature markets (for example, fmcg/cpg) works at brand level within discreet product categories. That is, advertising enables brands to compete against each other within specific categories and, when successful, to grow a brand’s share of that category to the detriment of competitor brands. In this respect, advertising is seen as a tool of brand competition in a zero-sum game that does not affect the overall size of the category in which it operates.

On the other hand, critics reject the notion that the effects of advertising are simply confined to influencing brand share within categories. Even if they concede that brand advertising is predominantly concerned with influencing brand share, they claim that such advertising has a wider and cumulative effect on the overall size of the category. In other words, rather than just creating consumer demand for one brand at the expense of another, advertising is seen as creating demand for and, therefore, growing the size of overall categories.

The issues encompassed by this debate lie at the heart of public policy discussions about the extent to which advertising should be permitted in a number of major markets, most notably tobacco, alcoholic drinks and, in relation to obesity concerns, food.

This special issue of the International Journal of Advertising (IJA) seeks to gather together the latest research evidence on the effect of advertising in mature markets to help academics, advertising practitioners and all those involved in the public policy process better understand the intricacies of an inevitably complex debate. Empirical and/or theoretical papers are invited by the IJA on the effect of advertising in mature markets overall as well as the effect of advertising in specific mature markets (for example, alcoholic drinks, food etc).

Papers selected for this special issue will be eligible for the annual Best Paper Prize of $1000, as voted by the Editorial Board.


The closing date for submissions is 15 February, 2008.

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