Professional Copy Editors


Bart Larivi?re (who is a non-native English speaker) seeks input on professional copy editors who are also competent in marketing/research

Non-English-speaking authors (including me) often face problems with their paper’s exposition/readability, grammatical errors, etc. Many scientific journals encourage the use of a copy-editor for non-native English speakers. Before I submit a manuscript, I always hire the services of a copyeditor. Recently, however, I received the following justified comment from an anonymous reviewer: “your paper will need to be checked not just by a person competent in language but also in marketing/research”.

Can anyone assist me? Do you know professional copyeditors or other organizations that are also acquainted with marketing and research? What was your experience?…

I would love to hear your suggestions. You can send them to

I will be happy to report back to ELMAR with a summary of responses.



Bart Larivière
Postdoctoral Fellow of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)
Ghent University
Department of Marketing
Tweekerkenstraat 2
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