Classroom Clickers


Doug Lincoln seeks the opinions of all - even those folks unfamiliar with the technology - on the classroom response system often called "clickers"

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Teaching with "Clickers" Survey
By Doug Lincoln


Marketing faculty are asked to participate in a survey exploring issues surrounding their familiarity and teaching experiences, if any, with classroom response systems – commonly called "clickers."


The survey seeks the opinions of three instructor segments: (1) those unfamiliar with clickers, (2) those familiar with clickers but not having taught with them, and (3) those who have taught with them. The survey takes 3-15 minutes to complete depending on the segment one falls into. All responses will be treated anonymously.

The survey administrator would also like help in reaching and asking for survey participation by other marketing faculty members with clicker teaching experience known to readers of this posting. You can do this by either referring them to the survey link or by emailing contact information to the survey administrator at

Survey Link: