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International Journal of Research in Marketing, 24(4)

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International Journal of Research in Marketing 

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Whatever people say I am, that’s what I am: Social labeling as a social marketing tool
Gert Cornelissen, Siegfried Dewitte, Luk Warlop and Vincent Yzerbyt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modeling the effects of including/excluding attributes in choice experiments on systematic and random components?
Towhidul Islam, Jordan J. Louviere and Paul F. Burke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Extra-role behavior in buyer–supplier relationships
Stefan Wuyts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are consumers heterogeneous in their preferences for odd and even prices? Findings from a choice-based conjoint study
Bernhard Baumgartner and Winfried J. Steiner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of positive emotions in experiential decisions
Robert J. Kwortnik Jr. and William T. Ross Jr. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why sales reps should welcome information technology: Measuring the impact of CRM-based IT on sales effectiveness
Michael Ahearne, Douglas E. Hughes and Niels Schillewaert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]