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Experimental Economics, 10(4)

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Experimental Economics 

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Incentive effects and overcrowding in tournaments: An experimental analysis
Donald Vandegrift, Abdullah Yavas, Paul M. Brown [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can intertemporal choice experiments elicit time preferences for consumption?
Robin P. Cubitt, Daniel Read [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information acquisition in the ultimatum game: An experimental study
Anders U. Poulsen, Jonathan H. W. Tan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of endowment heterogeneity and origin on contributions in best-shot public good games
Stephan Kroll, Todd L. Cherry, Jason F. Shogren [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

House money effects in public good experiments: Comment
Glenn W. Harrison [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Amended final-offer arbitration over an uncertain value: A comparison with CA and FOA
Cary Deck, Amy Farmer, Dao-Zhi Zeng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]