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Public Relations Review, 33(4)

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Public Relations Review 

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Special Section Papers

Introduction to this special section: The impact of globalization on public relations
Krishnamurthy Sriramesh and Dejan Verc(ic( [Publisher]

Unmanaging public relations: Reclaiming complex practice in pursuit of global consent
Paul Elmer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Climate change after denial: Global reach, global responsibilities, and public relations
David McKie and Christopher Galloway [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Public relations role in a global competition “to sell” alternative political and socio-economic models of market economy
Ryszard Lawniczak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social integration and public relations: Global lessons from an Israeli experience
Margalit Toledano and David McKie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organization–public relationships: An exploration of the Sundre Petroleum Operators Group?
Julia Jahansoozi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A use of second-order co-orientation model in international public relations
Dejan Vercic and Ana Tkalac Vercic [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Full Length Article

Stakeholder identifying and positioning (SIP) models: From Google’s operation in China to a general case-analysis framework
Xu Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research in Brief

Blog bias: Reports, inferences, and judgments of credentialed bloggers at the 2004 nominating conventions?
Kaye D. Sweetser [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporation-bashing in documentary film: A case study of news media coverage organizational response
Donnalyn Pompper and Layla Higgins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investor relations in Poland: An evaluation of the state of affairs from empirical studies
Dariusz A. Niedziolka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Maximizing public relations with the organization–public relationship scale: Measuring a public’s perception of an art museum
Stephen A. Banning and Mary Schoen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

Chris Skinner, Llew von Essen, Gary Mersham and Sejamothopo Motau, Handbook of Public Relations (8th ed.), Oxford University Press Southern Africa, Cape Town, South Africa (2007) 399 pp., paper, $45.00.
Cornelius B. Pratt [Publisher]

Bernd Merkel, Stephan Russ-Mohl and Giananni Zavaritt, Editors, A Complicated, Antagonistic & Symbiotic Affair: Journalism, Public Relations and their Struggle for Public Attention, European Journalism Observatory (EJO), Lugano, Switzerland (2007) 210 pp., paper, unpriced.
Robert E. Brown [Publisher]

T. Kelleher, Public Relations Online: Lasting Concepts for Changing Media , Sage, California (2007) 151 pp., $32, paper.
Claire Badaracco [Publisher]